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Soca River Trail, Slovenia


For such a tiny quaint country Slovenia is just full of the best hiking trails in Europe. The picturesque footbridges along this hike in this relatively undiscovered countryside make for a perfect place for a long day’s journey in Slovenia. This meandering hike takes 8-10 hours to complete as you go along the Soca, one of the most gorgeous rivers in all of Europe. It’s a long day on the trail but this hike is easily done in one lovely Slovenian day.

The W Trail, Torres Del Paine National Park, Patagonia


This has to be the most fantastic hike at the end of the world. When in Patagonia it may be hard to decided on just one life changing hike but here in Chile this has got to be near the top of the list. Hiking The W takes 5-7 days on a backpacking trip, dependent on how many miles you wish to do in a day. The mountain peaks and views are just so gorgeous here. I recommend take your time and just enjoy the incredible beauty of South America; the glaciers, the high peaks, the giant hares, and crazy flamingos. The things you see at this hike make you really feel like you are at the edge of the universe.

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