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GR 20 Corsica, France


Nothing entices me to hike 112 miles like the thought of wine and cheese at the end. Welcome to Corsica, the well known little island in the Mediterranean. Did you know it also hosts 8,878 foot Monte Cinco high above the ocean and a fantastic hiking trail well known amid European hikers? The best thing about tackling this impressive seaside hike? At the end of each section of trail are refuges with local cheeses offered nightly and local wines to south your tired hikers muscles. Nothing helps unwind after a day on the trails like cheese and wine!

Hike to Havasu Falls, Arizona, United States


Most people think of Lake Havasu as boats, partying and boobs. They have no idea that just a 4 hour drive from the party capitol of Arizona is the most gorgeous 100 foot waterfall and secluded swimming pool in the United States. Of course its a twelve mile hike one way to get there! Camping is available at the Havasupai Village which is ten miles in to the hike. Temperatures through the dry Arizona desert are over 105 degrees May through September so this is a must do hike in the late fall (November) or early spring (March).

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