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If it was my last day here on earth, I hope I go out trekking up the most incredible hiking trails and enjoying the views from some of the most pristine mountain tops. There is nothing that fills me with more peace than a day spent on a gorgeous hiking trail through alpine forests. The most fantastic hiking trails are not always the easiest to get to (but that’s part of the fun and adventure!) It’s worth it in the long run when you reach the summit of a 14,000 feet mountain and look down at the world below. Or when you go for a swim in a secluded swimming hole after a twelve mile hike in the highest temperatures to reach the most gorgeous 100 foot waterfall you have ever seen. Its like icing on the cake when it is in the middle of the desert! Memorable outdoor adventures on trails like these are what life is all about!

The Israel National Trail, Israel


This epic hiking trail takes you through the fantastic biblical desert landscape. Where else on earth can you hike 600 feet below sea level on a hiking trail near the Sea of Galilee, before meeting up with the historic River Jordan? When not leading you through scorching yet glorious desert this trail passes by Mediterranean beaches (Because by then you will happily jump into any body of water) Near the southern end of the Israel National Trail it meanders past fields full of wild flowers. This trail covers about 620 miles so try not to do it all in one day hike.

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