Top 10 Newly Released Paid iPhone Apps On Sale For Free Limited Offer

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2. WikiTours – Self Guided Hawaii

WikiTours is an immersive travel guide:

– Tours provide narrated slideshows all major attractions – choose to visit virtually!
– Tour offer insights into historic and cultural background.
– Travel planning tools assist with driving/walking directions for turn-by-turn navigation safely and with ease.
– The Concierge (personal attendant) provides travel options, directions, tours, contacts, web sites and more.
– A free introduction tour with travel and safety tips before you go.
– A concise history of Hawaii including Polynesian and Western discovery to the present-day high-tech Hawaii.
– Explore the map to learn about places before and during your visit.

WikiTours is not a hotel and restaurant booking & review service – select your favorite Map app to find businesses and review.


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