Top 10 Latest Paid iPhone Apps on Sale

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2. The Scoremaster

Save yourself time and paper with this gamer’s companion app that helps you enjoy the games you love.

Keeping score should be easy. That’s why Scoremaster uses nothing but simple swipes and taps. It’s fast, elegant, and easy to use, and scoring is no big deal!

Customize your scorekeeping experience to best suit your needs by using the app in portrait or landscape, changing the color scheme, shrinking or enlarging the size of players on screen, sorting by highest or lowest score, and more.

Games are saved instantly and can be named so that you can search for them later. Scoremaster can even remind you whose turn it is when you resume.

Let the app randomly decide the player order for a game and effortlessly change the score for multiple players at once. All of this is topped off with crisp animations and fun sound effects.

So do away with the pen and paper, stop doing calculations in your head, and forget worrying that someone might bump your piece off the victory point track. Let Scoremaster help you focus on what really matters – playing games you love with people you love.

Happy gaming!

Full list of features:

– Keep score using simple interactions (swipe and tap)
– Customize the size of players on screen (pinch and stretch)
– Change scores for multiple players at a time
– Easily add, edit, and delete players in a game
– Keep players sorted by highest or lowest score and watch them reorder automatically
– Turn off sorting to randomly shuffle players or just order them yourself
– Games are instantly saved each time you make a change
– Name your games, search for them later, and resume them at any time
– Ask the app to remind you whose turn it is the next time you resume a particular game
– Choose between light and dark color schemes (especially useful for outdoor games)
– Fine tune settings like scoring increment and swiping sensitivity
– Copy a game’s players and settings into a new game to save time re-entering them


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